Security & Privacy with Two Lines of Code

TrueZero Tokenization minimizes compliance overhead, reduces the impact and cost of data to be shared more freely and securely.

“TrueZero is an innovative service in that it makes it easy for businesses to securely share data without sacrificing performance, security or privacy. We look forward to seeing TrueZero become a standard service for many industries.”

– Steve Chaouki

President of U.S. Markets and Consumer Interactive at TransUnion

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What TrueZero Tokenization Solves.

Wherever PII is stored, and however it is used, TrueZero Tokenization™ replaces and protects your data.
Share Data More Freely
More securely authenticate users, validate their information and enrich their profiles without ever revealing sensitive data to partners, other internal teams or third party services.
Get PCI DSS Compliant Faster & Cheaper
TrueZero minimizes your in-scope environments, speeding up your time to comply by months and saving you potentially millions in build & partner costs.
Say Goodbye to Data Loss Penalties
Tokenize PII & protect your business from data loss penalties and loss of brand reputation.

It’s Vaultless, You’re in Control

TrueZero is a vaultless, shareable tokenization solution with no PII exposure that replaces business’s sensitive data or PII with de-identified, non-sensitive tokens.


Take in data as you normally would through web, mobile, FTP, or API.


TrueZero changes sensitive data into non-sensitive tokens before it hits your servers.

Store, Use & Exchange

Store tokens and run analytics in the same way you would with raw data.

We’re Better (& Cheaper) than Other Tokenization Solutions

Privacy and security matter, but so does performance and ease of integration. TrueZero was built to make it easy for business to deploy privacy at scale.

Privacy at Scale

Tokenize up to 20 fields in 5ms, or over a billion records an hour and operate on that tokenized data with no impact on model performance.

We Never See Your Sensitive Data

Your data is never revealed to Spring labs, third parties, or duplicated. TrueZero interceptors secure and transform sensitive data before it hits your servers.

Frictionless Key Management

Key rotation and management is painful and resource intensive. Our patented key re-splitting technology removes this burden entirely as we automate key rotation and management.

SaaS Hosting or Self-Hosting

With TrueZero, you can retain all of its security benefits even if you host it yourself.

We Can’t Be Beat on Price

Our patented technology allows us to deliver better security at lower prices.

Plug & Play

Start tokenizing your data in only two lines of code

Simple library integration for Spring Labs-hosted TrueZero™ tokenization service, and companies can deploy TrueZero™ on prem and within their cloud in a day.

Extensive technical documentation, support for major programming languages (Python, Java, Javascript), and sandbox environment for testing.

Ongoing technical support. Our engineering team will be on-call and available throughout the entire process to help you and your team.

Tokenization helps you stay out of the news.


In 2022, the average cost of a data breach has reached a record high of $4.35 million.

The healthcare industry is paying an average of $ 10.10 million for a data breach.

Customer PII accounts for 80% of breaches at an average cost of $180 per record.

In 2022, the average cost of a data breach has reached a record high of $4.35 million.

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